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The Memory Vessel is all about my memory. The inspirations were from an artwork post about memory jugs. The origins of the memory jug are somewhat vague, but, they were made as memorials for deceased loved ones.

When I found out the meaning and purpose of the memory jug, questioned myself; if I were to make a memory jug, what memory would I put into the jug?

Then a memory of a dogwood flower came to me. This memory is about my teacher Karl and me. He gave me a dogwood flower on my graduation, saying that when he saw the blooming white dogwood flowers by the roadway, they made him think of me.

All of sudden, a dogwood flower represented me and became the most memorable present and unforgettable word to me. The dogwood flower and the memory are delicate, vague, and have faded away, but still gives me a heavy impression that warms my heart.

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