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The Fortress


Fortress is a building or place that has been strengthened to protect against foreign attacks. Everyone wishes of having a fortress.

What can be a fortress for us? What kind of fortress do you dream of?

Cozy, soft, subtle but unchanging, this fortress is inspired by a species of bees called Osmia Avosetta and they construct nests for their larvae with fallen flower petals.

What a beauty love has.

Asset 7.png

Nesting site of Osmia avosetta in Seklik Mevkii, Turkey, to the left of observers in fore- and midground; note pinkish-red flowers of pollen plant, Onobrychis viciifolia.

Asset 6.png

Four closed brood cells and one cell still being provisioned of Osmia (Tergosmia) tergestensis between blades of dense grass tussock; grass blades removed to make cells visible (Italy, Gimillan (Aosta), 15.7.1996; photo A. Mu¨ ller). 


Copyright © American Museum of Natural History 2010

Asset 8.png
Asset 11.png

Figures 2, 3. Closed brood cells of O. avosetta, side views, showing shape and variation in coloration of outer envelopes. 

Figure 4. Open cell of same, side view. Figure 5. Closed cell of same containing intermediate stage larva. (Photos J.G. Rozen.)

Shape Development

Fabric Development

Embroidery Development


This embroidery development represents the nest shape of Osmia Avosetta consisting of petal layers with different texture, color, and thickness threads.

Asset 32.png

Acrylic and colored Pencil on the white paper

Pattern Development


Water color and oil pastel on the white paper

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